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DC Comics - The Dark Knight and The Man of Steel WriteEms 2014 Convention Exclusive

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Availability: SOLD OUT!
Product Code: 408589-408588

The Dark Knight and the Man of Steel as you’ve never seen them before!

Factory Entertainment is delighted to announce number five its 2014 Convention Exclusives line up and the world premiere of its new product line, WriteEms™. What better way that to launch a new and exciting collectibles category than with two of world’s greatest heroes, Batman, The Dark Knight and Superman, The Man of Steel?

These collectible mini-figures feature handy clip-on attachments so you can use them as keychains or hang them from your backpack, laptop case or even your utility belt! Best of all, they have a hidden secret feature! Pulling off the figure’s head reveals a concealed pencil. Write, doodle and draw to your heart’s content, then click the head back on and you are good to go.

This exclusive is limited to 2000 sets!