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Monty Python - Black Knight Talking Premium Motion Statue
Monty Python - Black Knight Talking Premium Motion Statue

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Nobody will be able to pass our deluxe Limited Edition Premium Motion format statue without pushing the button to hear the sounds! This highly detailed, hand painted and very very silly statue even includes removable arms so that you can inflict your own flesh wounds on him! But hark, contain yourselves, the integrated, non-electronic motion feature brings the piece to life and makes him sway ominously as he challenges your honor. Each statue is 7.5” tall and comes packaged in a full color presentation box. Does he talk? Ohh yes he talks, ten lines gorgeously captured straight from the film; (Caution: May utter one or two slightly naughty words and is intended for adults only.)

Audio Samples

All Included Phrases

• ‘Tis but a scratch’
• “I’ve had worse’
• ‘Ohh, ohh I see, running away ehh?... you yellow Bastard!’
• ‘Come back ‘ere and take what’s coming to you… I’ll bite your legs off!’
• ‘s’alright, we’ll call it a draw’
• ‘It’s just a flesh wound’
• ‘Have at you!’
• ‘I’m invincible!’
• ‘I move for no man!’
• ‘None shall pass, none shall pass!'