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Jurassic World - Maps & Signs Lithograph Print Set
Jurassic World - Maps & Signs Lithograph Print Set

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A collectible Jurassic World souvenir that could have been purchased directly from the Isla Nublar gift shop. This numbered limited edition set contains ten different archival quality lithographs printed on textured heavyweight acid-free stock, packaged in a folio cover.

Each print features production artwork directly from the studio and is a mixture of maps and signage from the park, some that you may have glimpsed in the film and others that have never been seen before in close up detail. This set really helps to showcase the level of detail that went into the production of Jurassic World and is testament to the art direction and set dressing in the film. Prints include: Isla Nublar Map, Isla Nublar Multi-lingual Welcome, Gyrosphere Valley Map, Gyrosphere Valley Warning Sign, Isla Nublar Geographic Map, Lagoon Map, Location Map, Respect The Dinos Sign, Do Not Feed Sign and Creation Labs Sign.

Individual Print Size 8” x 12”

Limited to 500 pieces.