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KISS - Mount KISSmore Polystone Sculpture
Kiss Mount KISSmore

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Mount KISSmore Polystone Sculpture

Featuring the Demon, The Starchild, The Spaceman and The Catman, this polystone monolith is a fitting tribute to one of the most influential rock & roll bands of all time. Each sculpture is handcrafted in granite effect resin and can be displayed free standing or mounted on a wall.

A numbered limited edition of 2000 pieces. Mount KISSmore measures 15” wide x 10” high x 4” deep. It weighs 5 LBS and is boxed in a full color box.

The Mount KISSmore Story

By Douglas Hildebrandt

My name is Douglas Hildebrandt and I created Mount KISSmore. I initially created it as a personal project, but I liked it so much I made an extra one and sent it to Gene Simmons as a gift. Sometime later I was amazed to see it in one of the display cases in Gene’s Office on his reality TV show. I was even more stunned to then get a phone call from Gene himself to thank me. He also gave me some pointers and advice on getting my ideas and designs produced. I then hooked up with Factory Entertainment who shared my vision and had the license to produce decorative KISS items, they commissioned me to produce a master pattern for this limited edition run.

I have been a KISS fan most of my life, loving their music, style and the four iconic characters they created. Being a musician and artist myself, KISS has always struck me as one of the most unique and influential rock and roll bands. As an artist I wanted to create something very special to honor KISS. Something that would be fitting to their bigger-than-life image and legend. What better way to pay tribute to KISS than to immortalize them in stone?

I wanted to imitate the real Mount Rushmore, so it is deliberately styled to replicate the look of carved granite. I also wanted the faces to look like a scaled down version of what KISS would really look like if they were actually carved in epic proportions sixty feet high into the side of a mountain. So I also tried to emulate the sculpting style used by the sculptors who created the real Mount Rushmore. The characters are were not sculpted to be photo realistic, they are supposed to look like monolithic statues. I think it is a fitting tribute and true testament to one of the greatest bands of our time.