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SWAT - Alien Blood Butcher Knife
SWAT - Alien Blood Butcher Knife 2015 Convention Exclusive


Availability: SOLD OUT!
Product Code: 408808

Is an alien species preparing for an intergalactic attack on our planet? Perhaps they already walk among us, merely observing and reporting until orders of global domination are received. How else can you explain Congress? Or maybe the military is covering up an unintentionally released biological weapon that raises the dead to feast on the flesh of the living?

Either way, Factory Entertainment isn’t taking any chances and neither should you!

Arm yourself with our Convention Exclusive SWAT™ (Soft Weapons and Tactics) roleplay/cosplay Butcher Knife.

Intended for close range combat, the Butcher Knife’s sharp, “snikt” delights as it fends off those who seek to chomp, “BRAAAAAINS!” Given that it’s spattered with green “alien goo”, each knife comes in a custom biohazard bag.

Limited to 500 pieces

They’re coming! Are you ready?