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Ultraman & Gomora Light Up Plush Bundle
Ultraman - Light Up Plush

Price: $39.99

Availability: SOLD OUT!

Ultraman Plush
This collectible 10" plush may not be able to telepathically merge with you, but the light up feature will make you feel like you're ready to transform into Ultraman and take on any otherworldly or ancient foe that comes your way!

"When Earth’s Defense Teams fail to defeat scheming aliens and destructive giant monsters, there is still one last chance!"

Gomora Plush
Beware of waking this ancient giant Kaiju; when his eyes light up, it may be time to find a Beta Capsule for defense!

This collectible 11" Gomora light up plush is ready to go on a rampage and defeat anyone in his path, even Ultraman!